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AmeriDeck Hydraulic Loading System

Amerideck is a hydraulic loading system for pickup truck beds.  It's easily installed on 8ft and 6.6ft truck beds.  A lift arm powered by a hydraulic pump is mounted in the bed of the truck with 1/2 in. grade 8 bolts and thread into 1/2 in. steel plates underneath the truck bed.  AmeriDeck is meant for full size pick-up trucks.  Many custom options are available for each type of AmeriDeck, so call or email us today with your questions about AmeriDeck Hydraulic Loading Systems for truck beds.

AmeriDeck Demo

AmeriDeck FeaturesAmeriDeck logo

  • Cargo Deck is 58" x 96"
  • Hand Control w/ 8' lead
  • 2,500 lbs. Capacity
  • 45 Degree Dump Angle
  • 22 Cubic Feet Storage Under Deck
  • Powder Coating on Deck & Lift Arms
  • Grease Fittings on All Moving Parts
  • No Interference with Hitches
  • Easy and Quick to Exchange Bodies

AmeriDeck uses high quality components, including a heavy duty DC hydraulic pump, heavy duty wheels, and powder coated components.

AmeriDeck Lift Arms AmeriDeck Wheels

Motorcycle Towing System

AmeriDeck Motorcycle Deck is perfect the perfect motorcycle towing system to safely and easily get your bike or chopper from place to place.  No more homemade ramps, dangerous pushing or riding the motorcycle into the bed, or straining your back. Motorcycle towing is so easy with Amerideck because you load and secure your bike at ground level.  The hydraulic system then raises your bike or chopper into the bed of your truck where it's secured.  Remove the risk of getting your motorcycle up into the bed of your truck by using the Amerideck Motorcycle Towing System.

AmeriDeck motorcycle deck

SuperDeck by AmeriDeck

The SuperDeck option for the AmeriDeck hydraulic truck bed system is extremely versatile.  Use it to easily load and unload all types of heavy items.  The 2,500 lbs. payload makes moving heavy items easy.  The SuperDeck is great for governments, rental equipment, and more.

SuperDeck by AmeriDeck

Van Body by AmeriDeck

The AmeriDeck Van Body is perfect for people who need enclosed storage with easy and unloading of heavy items.  The lockable enclosure keeps items safe.

AmeriDeck Van Body

SuperDeck XL by AmeriDeck

The SuperDeck XL was designed to handle bigger items or multiple items that won't fit on the standard SuperDeck.  It's perfect for quads, snow machines, ATVs, Jet Skis, and more. 

SuperDeck XL by AmeriDeck

Jet Ski on AmerDeck

ChoreMaster by AmeriDeck

The ChoreMaster is perfect for landscapers, contractors, and anyone that moves materials from one location to another.  Several options for siding, flooring, and more allow you to make it your own.

AmeriDeck ChoreMasterContractors using AmeriDeck