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Switch-N-Go Detachable Truck Body System

Switch-N-Go is a detachable truck body system that allows using multiple truck bodies on a single truck.  The truck bodies can be loaded and placed on the ground by a single operator and in only a few minutes.  The Switch-N-Go system also allows dumping like a dump truck.  Everything is incorporated into a single system that can be attached to practically any truck.

Switch-N-Go Standard

Switch-N-Go weighs less than similar systems from other companies and costs around half as much.  Only weighing 500 pounds means vehicle payload isn't affected much.  Switch-N-Go is available in electrically powered hydraulic and full hydraulic applications to suit your needs.


Switch-N-Go FeaturesSwitch-N-Go

  • Up To 15,000 lbs. Payload
  • 50 Degree Dump Angle
  • Quickly Exchange Bodies
  • Electrically Powered Hydraulics or Full Hydraulic Options
  • 1/2 Cost of Similar Systems
  • Powder Coating on Frames and Bumpers
  • Only Weighs 500 Pounds
  • Truck Bodies Lock for Safety

Loading A Truck Body

Unloading A Truck Body

Standard Electric Switch-N-Go

The standard Switch-N-Go runs with electrically powered hydraulics, eliminating the need to add a PTO (Power Take Off) and hydraulic pump to the transmission or transfer case.  9,000, 12,000, and 15,000 lifting payload capacity options are available.  A 50 degree dump angle with the scissor lifts makes it perfect for mulch, asphalt, soil, and more.  The dump function is capable of handling up to 20,000 pounds.  This system is designed for 11,000 GVWR to 26,000 GVWR vehicles.

Switch-N-Go Diagram

S-Model Switch-N-Go

The S-Model is for medium duty trucks requiring little or no overhang off the rear of the vehicle.  The back of the Switch-N-Go system ends where the truck frame ends.  This option is available in electrically powered hydraulic and full hydraulic options.  It is available in 9', 10', and 11' options and retains all the features of the standard Switch-N-Go.

Switch-N-Go S-Model 


Full Hydraulic (HD) Switch-N-Go

 The full hydraulic option for the Switch-N-Go detachable truck bodies allows unlimited changes per day, increasing productivity.  Your truck requires hydraulics with 3000 psi and 15 GPM to use this option.  It is recommended that you have a clutch under the hood to allow operation of the Switch-N-Go in any gear.

Switch-N-Go Full Hydraulic

Switch-N-Go Detachable Bodies

Platform/Flatbed Body

The platform, or flatbed, Switch-N-Go body comes in lengths of 9-15 ft in one foot increments.  The swappable flatbed bodies are great for equipment rental businesses and contractors.  Standard features include bulkhead window, stake pockets, keyholes, and a one foot ramp.  Options include stake sides, additional key holes, and expanded metal sides.

Switch-N-Go Flatbed


Dump Body

Dump bodies are available from 9 to 14 feet in length in one foot increments.  There are two class options, standard duty and heavy duty.  All dump bodies feature high quality powder coating.  Standard features include two-way dump gates and variable height bulkheads.  Additional options include contractor sides (fold down), extended board pockets, heavy duty tailgates, tool boxes, and cab shields.  A new barn door dump gate option is available as well.

Switch-N-Go Flatbed


Storage Body

Storage bodies are available from 9 to 14 feet in length in one foot increments. Switch-N-Go storage bodies are perfect for remote and insecure job sites with lockable doors and the ability to remove the unit at the end of each work day.  An optional electrical outlet allows for a dry and lighted workplace inside the unit.  All storage bodies feature high quality powder coating and include 12 gauge sides, lockable doors, 6' peak roofs, and your choice of interior or exterior posts.

Switch-N-Go Storage Body


Drop Box

Switch-N-Go drop boxes, also known as 'roll-offs', provide a detachable body option for trucks under CDL size.  Six lengths are available from 9 to 14 ft. in one foot increments.  Three classes are available - standard duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.  All drop box truck bodies feature high quality powder coating.  You choose between side swing and barn door gates and all drop boxes have greased wheels and sloped fronts to make cleaning easier.  These detachable roll offs are perfect for waste hauling businesses requiring a smaller size option.  Other options for the drop box bodies include side doors, mesh tarps, and mounted D-rings. 

Switch-N-Go Drop Boxy Truck Body


Landscaping Body

Perfect for businesses needing a landscaping truck part of the time, a dump truck at other times, and a flatbed on occasion.  Landscaping bodies allow you to have multiple types of trucks at a fraction over the cost of one truck when paired with additional detachable bodies.   These bodies feature a 50" bulkhead, 12ga material, a tool box, and a fold down gate.  All landscape bodies feature high quality powder coating.

Switch-N-Go Landscaping Truck Body


Chipper Body

Chipper bodies are available from 9 to 14 ft in one foot increments and have capacities of 8 to 17 yards.  Three class options are available: standard duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.  All three classes feature high quality powder coating.  You choose between side swing and barn door gates.  All chipper bodies have greased wheels and sloped fronts for easy cleaning.  Additional options include standard or gable style roofs.  Chipper bodies are available in detachable and permanent mounted options.

Switch-N-Go Chipper Detachable Truck Body